About Us

Third Stage Chick is a woman owned business promoting women to live their best life. Our T-shirts encourage women to embrace their authentic selves and live their greatest life.

90 percent of people don't achieve their goals or fulfill their soul's purpose. Why don't they achieve their goals? Possibly fear? They might be afraid of failing. Did you know that failing is part of success. Failure is also known as feedback. Whatever your dream is go for it and see what works and what doesn't. You've got nothing to lose. 

It's worth a try isn't? Right! After all Trying costs nothing.  What's it costing you NOT to do it? What would your life look like if you went for it? 

What would you want to create? How would you want to live? Where would you want to go? What would you want to give?

There are billions of people who could benefit from your offerings. Think of all the folks that could be transformed from your offerings. At this moment you are robbing people of your unique and splendid gifts. 

Third Stage Chick was created to ignite a fire in women who want to achieve their goals and live their unique purpose. 

Our T-Shirts are designed to inspire, motivate and encourage women to take that leap of faith.